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Reality Shift
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Arcane Tinmen
Reality Shift

Reality Shift


„I reject your reality and substitute my own.“

By Hans Joachim Höh


Once upon a time there was a TCG that was absolutely

amazing. It was hilarious and highly strategical, but it

wasn´t sold or played in Germany. So I decided to travel

all over the United States to play this game. While doing

so I met a lot of very cool guys and girls and had a good

time. I won my way onto their tour bus and wrote articles

for their web site and the world was a happy place. Then
suddenly reality shifted. With Tenacious Games, the inventor of The Spoils, out of business there were no more tournaments, no new sets to explore, no way to meet with my Spoils buddies anymore. But Michael, of Arcane Tinmen wouldn´t have it that way and managed to resurrect the game. So this new reality shift brings me back to writing for you and I want to start with a constructed format strategy article for the old player base, before turning to the limited format to give some advice to the new player base.


Today I am going to present probably the most complicated deck I have built so far. Although it has some problems with parts of the metagame, it is a blast to play and is well suited to remind you of all the crazy possibilities The Spoils constructed format provides. It is a combo-deck that is based on characters, most of which are also pretty good on their own, just in case you do not manage to get all the pieces together to start the combo. You have many of the best aggressive characters in the deck, so you could just attack with them for a random win, but most of the time you just want to use them as blocking or potential counter attacking threats, so your opponent doesn´t attack you with all of his characters every turn. That way you preserve your influence total and your board, until you are ready for the big fun. You don´t have to survive that long though. Most of the time you should be ready to initiate your combo between turns three and five, once you hit threshold for this little beauty:


The basic deck idea is to play a lot of characters that generate useful effects, when they enter or leave play and then abuse them with Reality Shift. You can also use this card to just save your team and generate a bunch of useful triggers after you attacked with everybody and assigned your damage to the defending characters.



Ideally you want to create a loop that wins you the game right there, whatever your opponent´s board position might be. To do so you need a combination of characters that create at least 3 extra resources when played again during a Reality Shift and a Voidal Replication to do another shift. To repeat that cycle any number of times you also need a Rummaging Millipede, which keeps on getting the Voidal Replication back. There are multiple characters which produce extra resources during such a cycle. Senior Research Assisstant and Ingenious Tinker do so very obviously, while 700160x 31f does so more subtly, by bringing free gear from the deck, which helps paying for itself or something else during the next shift.


The first useful gear is Luteoderm Prototype, which generates two extra resources, while also fetching needed puzzle parts from the deck. Dethmürderblüdgeon, the Craghammer on the other hand generates five extra resources. There is a problem with the hammer though: You can´t meet its threshold and therefore it gets stranded in your hand after the first Reality Shift. This is where Thabbashite Haruspex comes into the equation. He lets you draw a card while putting the useless hammer back into the deck, where it can be found again by the 700160x 31f. So this little dynamic duo draws you a card and provides five free resources during each iteration. If you happen to get two Micromajig Masters, or a master and a maker into the mix you can use the Tiny Sacrifices ability to tutor for a card during each round of the dance. Quotidian Ejector and Violating Anomaly totally empty the opposing board and hand during the combo, but are more importantly used earlier to set up safe conditions to start the combo in the first place. Obsessive Compulsion and Unnatural Alteration provide you with the needed icons and the correct characters in play. Basic Node fills all the holes in the curve, maximizing the total numeric cost of your cards in play when you play Reality Shift for the first time, while effectively not costing you hand cards to do so. In addition Basic Nodes are always a nice defense against opposing nodes and high speed characters or can help your Micromajig Tokens chumpblock while setting up. So once you are able to replay your characters over and over again, while drawing extra cards or tutoring for free, you wouldn´t just want to continue to do so until your opponent falls asleep or leaves the table. Therefor I included Guardforce Morphmajig. He can attack even if he has not been in play under your control since the start of the turn, so you can attack multiple times with this pretty large body, which ends the game right then. If the Guardforce would die while attacking, just play your Voidal Replication and attack again, and again, and again, and again... until all blockers are depleted and the opposing faction´s influence is reduced to zero.


Here is the complete deck list:




4 Obsessive Compulsion

4 Micromajig Maker

4 Micromajig Master

4 700160x 31f

4 Voidal Replication

4 Senior Research Assisstant

4 Unnatural Alteration

4 Rummaging Millipede

4 Ingenious Tinker

3 Basic Node

3 Luteoderm Prototype

3 Quotidian Ejector

3 Violating Anomaly

2 Dethmürderblüdgeon, the Craghammer

1 Thabbashite Haruspex

1 Guardforce Morphmajig

1 Reality Shift

2 Elitism

16 Obsession

4 Neurosis




The biggest problem with this deck is to realize whether you have enough tutoring potential to get everything in place during the first few iterations.


You do not need to have all the ingredients for the infinite loop already when you play your Reality Shift. During the first loop you need to be able to get a Voidal Replication and play it without losing too much board presence. Later you need a Rummaging Millipede and a combination of characters who generate three or more extra resources. Depending on your board and hand, you need to calculate, what to tutor for during which iteration of the loop. For example if you start out with a small total numeric cost on your characters, but you are already holding additional combo parts in your hand, you probably want to fetch Craghammer with your 700160x 31f to increase the total numeric cost for the next shift drastically, before tutoring for other stuff with Luteoderm Prototype the next time.


Even with my tips this is a very hard deck to play and you will need some time to get a feeling for how to mulligan and how to work out solutions if you are missing some combo parts. In the beginning you will often lose to your own misplays and realize during the combo that you were still missing a vital element. Especially once your opponent is aware of what you are up to, he will be ready to disrupt your setup with removal in response to your Reality Shift. So you need to play even more carefully and use your Ejectors and Anomalies to get rid of problematic cards like Shriever Attack, so you can go off undisrupted a turn or two later. Against a control deck with a lot of mass removal you can also just try to apply pressure with 700160x 31f swinging the german hammer and Ingenious Tinker without overcommiting to the board. Then clear the way with Violating Anomaly, while keeping your fragile characters in hand. They can come into play later during the first reality shift when it is safe for them. Once you have fully understood what you want to achieve with this deck you can do lots of tricks like that to push through all kinds of disruption.


Enjoy the feeling of endless power and the return of the good times with The Spoils!




Arcane Tinmen