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Rescue Mission is a Success!

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Arcane Tinmen
The Spoils Rescue Mission is a success

The Spoils Rescue Mission is a success!


We have closed our deal with Tenacious Games and we are now the proud owners of all rights to The Spoils! It has been a long, long road to travel but now that we are successful, we are hitting the ground running to bring The Spoils back to life and give it a solid direction.


It is important for us to point out that we have acquired all of the rights pertaining the property of The Spoils – but we did not take with us any of the debts or other obligations that TG may have had. What we did take with us is the heart and soul of the old team. We are very happy to tell you that Josh Lytle will continue to be part of R&D team and that Patrick Meehan will be onboard as a creative consultant. We are currently working on staffing artists, and securing marketing and distribution channels but things are falling into place and we are excited about the progress to date.


We also want to announce now that we are putting the Spoils Cruise back on our calendar! Albeit with one important amendment: Prices will start at $350 for a five-day cruise out of New Orleans in October.


Former qualifiers receive a discount and there are ways to reduce the price even further. And, of course, if you win the on-board tournament, you’ll get your cruise fees back! For this event, we have teamed with Gamer Adventures and you can find more details at:


Finally a word on our organization: We will be looking for alternative ways of doing a lot of things. And we may very well be turning to the loyal community that is the backbone of The Spoils – both for assistance and for inspiration.


Stay tuned for more updates!



Arcane Tinmen / The Spoils Rescue MissionTM

Arcane Tinmen