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  Archived Articles

December 18th, 2010: Special Announcement

Check out this special holiday "treat" we have for you.

December 8th, 2010: Playtesting your decks

Playtesting encompasses a wide range of techinques that, when employed properly, will turn your mediocre decks into Top 8 decks.

Learn more about finetuning your decks so you will gain the upper hand!

November 24th, 2010: Understanding your metagame

Wherever you go, regardless of what game you are playing, you will always hear players talking about the metagame. You will hear them talking about how they changed their decks to counter the metagame, or how the metagame shifted when the new set came out...

November 19th, 2010: Afternoon Saturday Spoils flyers

ASS flyers

Flyers on the Afternoon Saturday Spoils have been added to the download section.

November 8th, 2010: The Definitive The Spoils Tutorial

Tutorial for new players

We have persuaded our good friends at Team Covenant to let their fine tutorial on The Spoils be available to everybody free of charge.

So check out the tutorial for yourself.
And feel free to pass on the link to as many people as possible!

November 5th, 2010: New wallpapers for your computer screen

Our good friends at GameOx in Poland has created some nice new wallpapers for your computer screen.

These can be found in the download section.
Enjoy :-)

October 12th, 2010: Essen Spiel - October 21st-24th - Hall 6 Booth 226

The Spoils will be hitting Essen Spiel again this year. Come join the fun at booth 6-226.

Play a draft, help us demo and get new players into The Spoils or just drop by for a chat :-)

September 23rd, 2010: New Zealand Nationals in Auckland on October 10th

New Zealand Nationals will take place in Auckland on October 10th, 2010. It will be an open event - so everybody bring out your cards and get gaming!!

September 20th, 2010: Seed II: Gloamspike's Revenge releases today

Today's is the long awaited release of the new expansion Seed II: Gloamspike's Revenge. We hope you will enjoy the new set and that it will help bring in a lot of new players! To celebrate Seed II we are temporarily changing the theme of the top menu. Enjoy this and enjoy the new set :-)

September 16th, 2010: List of prerelease stores

The prerelease page has been updated with the info we have on stores hosting Seed II prereleases.

If your store isn't on the list then do get in touch with us to have the store added.

September 7th, 2010: Starter Event stores

The first stores have signed up to introduce The Spoils to new players. See the list of events here.

If your local store isn't on this list, then consider contacting them and ask if they need any help in setting up a Starter Event.

September 6th, 2010: The Definitive Spoils Tutorial (licensed by Team Covenant)

The Spoils Tutorial

Looking for a streamlined effective way to learn The Spoils TCG?

The Definitive Spoils Tutorial paves the way for easy entry into the amusing, outrageous, and elegant world of The Spoils.

September 3rd, 2010: Seed II Prerelease Weekend: Sept. 17th+18th

The release date for Seed II: Gloamspike's Revenge has been set at September 20th.

Prereleases can be hosted on Saturday 18th or Sunday 19th. Help your local store make this event a success!

September 2nd, 2010: New Head Judge Coordinator

Will Clark is having his hands full with all the OP activities, so in his stead please join us in welcoming Terence Dorman as new Head Judge Coordinator. Terence will be in charge of all judge activities including certifying new judges.

August 25th, 2010: Gen Con 2010 report

Nick Dorman of Team Hopper takes you on a guided tour through the events at Gen Con. Enjoy :-)

August 24th, 2010: Seed II: Gloamspike's Revenge presale deals - shipping info

The Seed-2 package deals will start to ship in Mid-September.

Over the next week we will be sending out emails to everybody that has ordered these deals.

August 19th, 2010: Dragon Con 2010 - September 3-6 in Atlanta

The Spoils will be at Dragon Con again this year with tournaments and demos around the clock – including the Dragon Con Championship.

August 17th, 2010: Seed-2 shipping update - Atlantic Concert

The most important vessel in The Spoils universe right now has got to be "Atlantic Concert" since it is carrying the Seed-2 product destined for USA

August 4th, 2010: Organized Play: Afternoon Saturday Spoils + Starter Events

Organized Play

After talking with many players and store owners about what they wanted to see from The Spoils in the area of organized play, Red and Will have come up with many ideas for OP. Read on to see the first of them!

August 1st, 2010: Always sleeve your booner!!

Gen Con is almost upon us - soon all will be revealed!! Before that happens, here is another preview from the new set.

July 27th, 2010: The Party is coming to Gen Con - first Seed-2 decklist.

Will and Red have taken a look at the new card pool - and spend many weeks carefully balancing their first deck using card from Seed-2. Read here for full insight into the total deckpool of cards used.

July 14th, 2010: The Spoils Casual – A Format All Its Own

Everybody loves a good pirate tale: Daring high sea adventure, swashbuckling, action, romance, scoundrels, and night time raids. This article explores the building of theme decks within The Spoils.

July 6th, 2010: Tournament Upload open

Tournament Uploads

It is now possible for Tournament Organizers to upload tournaments to the Player Portal.

June 30th, 2010: Tournament Organizers sign up for Player Portal

Tournament Organizers

If you are a Tournament Organizer for The Spoils, then now is the time to sign up for Player Portal privileges.

June 24th, 2010: Great decks of yore: Strength in Numbers

With GenCon approaching ever closer it gives reason to look into some of the decks that made the game good: the various archetypes of the game before "the crash".

June 14th, 2010: GenCon 2010 - August 5th-8th

At Gen Con we will be running multiple events including our first US Nationals, PreRelease events for the new expansion Seed-2: Gloamspike's Revenge, bundles of drafts, Liquor Tourneys etc. etc.

June 7th, 2010: Second place finishers in State Qualifiers + 3-Judge System

After talking at length with the bosses, Red and Will would like to announce that those players that placed 2nd at any State Qualifier can now also participate in the State Championship.

Also, we are extending the 3-judge system to this event. If you played in, and did well at a State Qualifier, we want you to be able to play.

June 4th, 2010: Origins - June 23-27

The Spoils will be attending Origins 2010. Origins is held in Columbus, Ohio from June 23-27. We will be demoing the game to new players as well as hosting tournaments with some nice prizes :-)

June 3rd, 2010: Player Portal in beta

Over the past many months we have been working behind the scenes in building a portal where players will have access to all of their player data including personal information, tournaments, wins & losses, rating and ranking.

June 2nd, 2010: State Championships list

The road to US Nationals starts here and ends with a Big TV and Glory.

May 19th, 2010: Final days of great package deals through Seed II presale"

Just a little reminder: The presale of Seed II. Gloamspike's Revenge with the super package deals end on May 22nd.

So if you haven't purchased yours already then contact your local retailer or preorder directly with us.

May 17th, 2010: Will & Red proudly present to you: "The Big Nationals Announcement"

Our new OP Directors Will and Red has taken charge of the driver's seat and are setting a new course. Read more about this and also see the great prize pool we have for you at US Nationals.

May 14th, 2010: Wacky "Seed II Presale Package Deal" Tournament

With the presale of "Seed II: Gloamspike's Revenge" well on its way we are now offering retailers to host a special event using ALL of the cards from Package Deal 1.

May 8th, 2010: Seed II presale extended until May 22nd

Over the last few weeks we have received a lot of good feedback on our presale for the new expansion for The Spoils!

People are very excited about both the presale and the fact that The Spoils is alive and kicking. And we are needless to say very excited about the whole thing ourselves!

This past week we have signed a lot of new retailers to The Spoils and many of these have asked if we could possibly extend the deadline for the presale of Seed II beyond May 8th because they simply haven't had the necessary time to reach out to their customer base.

We of course want to get this presale deal out to as many as possible too, so after careful thinking we have decided to push the deadline back by two weeks up till May 22nd.

May 1st, 2010: New OP Managers for North America

Zach Bunn will be leaving the OP Manager job to dedicate himself to all of his work at www.TeamCovenant.Com. We want to thank Zach for being a great guy and for stepping in and helping us out when the need was greatest.

Will Clark and Red Craig will be taking over from Zach from May 1st, 2010. And we want you to help us welcome them as OP Managers. We have full faith that they will be doing an awesome job of helping grow The Spoils!

April 29th, 2010: Event report - RPC Cologne 2010

RPC Cologne was another succesful event for The Spoils. The booth once again drew a large crowd and on the two days the show lasted soooo many people came by our awesome looking booth.

April 18th, 2010: SEED II - Gloamspike's Revenge: Early Bird Special

Now we are giving you the opportunity to preorder "Seed II: Gloamspike's Revenge". And we are topping it off with a very sweet deal :-)

You will also find a card preview of a certain gentleman who has lend his name to the new set!

April 11th, 2010: SEED II - Gloamspike's Revenge at GenCon 2010

Phew - it has been a long ride, but we have come very far!

And now we can announce that Seed II: Gloamspike's Revenge has been scheduled to see the light of day at Gen Con 2010.

March 29th, 2010: USA OP - State Championship Qualifiers

The games have begun and the first stores have already hosted their first qualifiers - and many more are to come!!

March 25th, 2010: Decks without rares - Arcanists part II - this time WITH rares!

Hordak is back; this time to introduce you to some of the powerhouse RARE ards in the Arcanist trade.

Enjoy his article - and hopefully it will open your eyes to new possibilities!

March 14th, 2010: Swedish Nationals Tournament Report

The newly pronounced Swedish National Champion takes you on a guided tour on his way to glory!

March 11th, 2010: The Spoils at RPC Köln on April 17th & 18th

As you can see from the banner on the right we will be having a booth at RPC Köln in April. More info will be available later on.

February 18th, 2010: The Spoils Casual Play - a format all of its own

Casual play in The Spoils is a very different beast from every other format we've attuned ourselves to. Certain combinations work in a casual format that would be outpaced in a competitive atmosphere. Certain cards that are only 'okay' become 'strong' in a casual environment

February 13th, 2010: German Nationals 2010

With the Swedish National Championships still warm, we are already eager to announce the upcoming German National Championship. We will be hosting this with the friendly support of the "Auenland" on the 3rd of July in Dortmund.

February 12th, 2010: Report from TempleCon 2010

TempleCon 2010 was yet another success for The Spoils. Many new players and local stores stopped by the booth and after a quick chat and a demo they were hooked!!

February 9th, 2010: Swedish Nationals and OwlCon

On Saturday the 13th of February the Swedish Nationals will be hosted in Dragon's Lair in Stockholm.

Read more about SM!

On February 19th and 20th Juan Pablo Bernal demoes The Spoils at OwlCon and hosts a series of drafts as well.

OwlCon website!
January 28th, 2010: Playing Seed sealed deck

Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your Seed belts, please!

In this fifth part in his series on playing sealed deck Spoils-veteran Hans Joachim Hoeh takes you on a trip to Seed land.

Enjoy the ride!

January 20th, 2010: The next set - production update

We are hard at work in getting the new set ready for production. There are still some things that must be done before it is ready for print - follow the link for a production update.

And as a little treat, you will also find a new preview card at the bottom of the article. We hope you like what you see :-)

January 18th, 2010: Beginner's Guide: How to build a deck without any rares

The fifth and final piece in the the series of articles written by players familiar with The Spoils™ and the mechanics of each of the five trades has now hit our website. Once again the new player will find help in building a good deck without a multitude of rares is his/her collection.

The fifth article unfolds the rage of the warlords!

January 11th, 2010: New Organized Play Manager for USA

Organized Play USA

Today Arcane Tinmen is proud to announce Zach Bunn as our new OP Manager for USA. Zach will start work immediately and his tasks involves setting up Organized Play both at the national level as well as on the local scene.

Now we look forward to having you all help us make the tournament scene living and vibrant once more!!

January 9th, 2010: Beginner's Guide: How to build a deck without any rares

The time has come for the fourth piece in the series of articles written by players familiar with The Spoils™ and the mechanics of each of the five trades. Here is help for the new player to build a good deck without chasing around for rare cards.

The fourth article covers Rogues and Deception..
Have fun :-)

January 3rd, 2010: Beginner's Guide: How to build a deck without any rares

We hope everybody has ventures safely into the new year which we will kick off with the third part in the series of articles written by players familiar with The Spoils™ and the mechanics of each of the five trades. The focus remains on making a deck without having to hunt for rare cards.

This third article will be all about Gearsmiths and Elitism.
Enjoy :-)

December 27th, 2009: Beginner's Guide: How to build a deck without any rares

Here is the second installment in the series of articles written by players familiar with The Spoils™ and the mechanics of each of the five trades - and with the focus on making a deck without having to fill your deck with rare cards.

This second article one will cover the Bankers.
Enjoy :-)

December 21st, 2009: Beginner's Guide: How to build a deck without any rares

This will be a series of articles written by a player familiar with The Spoils™ and the mechanics of each of the five trades. Besides the articles you will also find decklists and how to play those decks.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be posting articles on each individual trade. The first one will be on the Arcanists.

We hope you will enjoy them - welcome to The Spoils™

December 15th, 2009: TempleCon in February 2010

We'll be kicking off the year with another round of tournaments and events with the help of David Weesner and our friends at TempleCon.

David will be running 4 tournaments and non stop drafts throughout the weekend, so sign up and get ready for some great events and lots of prizes.

We'll also be unavailing another small sneak peak of what is to come in the new set so don't miss out!!

December 3, 2009: Drafting Better 102

Bernie "La Sin Grail" Mako returns with another fantastic edition of his "Drafting Better" series.

Drafting Better 102 is the second part of a series designed to provide some help drafting to players of The Spoils. As you'd expect, 102 is still introductory level, but follows up some of the concepts from Drafting Better 101. This class, it's time to talk about some basic signaling, reading, and actual picking!

November 2, 2009: Officially licensed The Spoils™ merchandise

Ever wanted to own a cool Spoils t-shirt? Or a coffee mug with your favorite card art on it? Now you can!

Roll 2 Dice, in association with Arcane Tinmen, are proud to be able to offer you officially licensed The Spoils™ merchandise!

The Spoils™ is an awesome card game, with some fantastic and bizarre artwork. Through Print-On-Demand (POD) websites, like, we will be bringing you tons and tons of cool Spoils gear, from t-shirts to fridge magnets to posters and even skateboards!

October 14, 2009: Noob Corner - Choosing a Trade

Hi, I'm Johan, former Swedish National Champion in Yu-Gi-Oh, and now passionate dabbler in The Spoils TCG!

This article will cover one of the first steps you take as a player in The Spoils – determining what trade or trades to include in the first deck you build.

The first staggering steps

Even before I started playing The Spoils, I knew what trade NOT to play – Banker. This had nothing to do with the current state of the global economy, it's just that the local store owner that talked me into trying the game had a mono Banker Control deck (mono meaning it contained only a single trade), and that deck was undefeated. I immediately wanted to build something that could beat it, but I didn't want to use the same strategy.

October 13, 2009: A Special Post

Josh Lytle

You may want to check out the Open R&D forums.

September 15, 2009: Gen Con '09 Report

Kimberly Maita

GenCon 2009 was a major victory for the resurrection of The Spoils. Not only did we see a renewed interest in the game but our 2-player Starter Kit was flying off the shelves! Let's recap a few of the high points of the convention:

Ed. Note: The broken "full story" link should now be fixed... sorry for the inconvenience!

September 9, 2009: Gen Con '09 - Winning Article

Will Clark

At 5:30am on Friday I awoke and drove with my friend, Red, to Kinkos to print off the deck registration sheets for the Sealed event that evening. We got to the convention hall at 7 and prepared ourselves for the massive amounts of demos we would do that day. The hall opened and the rush hit us like a brick. Red, myself, a guy named Brendan, and his girlfriend Amy were selling 2-Player Starters left and right. Every now and then we would mention the Sealed event that was going on that night.

Read on for the rest of the story...
August 28, 2009: The Spoils at Dragon*Con 2009!

The Spoils will be making an appearance at Dragon Con 2009. We have teamed up with our good friend Jeff Millegan from Heroes Cards, Comics and Games.

Jeff will be running several tournaments as well as non-stop demos and casual games, so stop by for yet another good time!

Event Schedule:


  • Demos will be running from the time the doors open until they close... if they close.
  • 4-person mini-tournaments with running starts for all new players using free preconstructed decks.
  • 6pm: The Spoils Sealed Deck (1 comp.pack + 3 boosters drawn from all sets)


  • Demos and deck building all day from open to close
  • 4-person mini-tournaments with running starts for all new players using free preconstructed decks.
  • 6pm: The Spoils Constructed format


  • Demos and deck building all day from open to close
  • 4-person mini-tournaments with running starts for all new players using free preconstructed decks.
  • "Beat the Pro" ongoing tournament. New players get a chance to play and beat "old pros"; small prizes, but the better the Pro, the better the prize.
  • 6pm: The Spoils Constructed format


  • Demos and deck building all day from open to close
  • 4-person mini-tournaments with running starts for all new players using free preconstructed decks.
  • "Beat the Pro" ongoing tournament. New players get a chance to play and beat "old pros"; small prizes, but the better the Pro, the better the prize.
  • 12pm: The Spoils Draft format (1st+Part2+Seed)

Pros needed!

If you want to be the pro to beat at the above "Beat the pro" events, then send a private message to Jeff. His username on the boards is 'tgrtrax'.

August 25, 2009: Gen Con Article Contest!

Gencon '09 came and went, and The Spoils saw a lot of love. To celebrate the game's return to Gencon, The Spoils team would like to have an article contest. Please tell us about Gencon for those who did not or could not attend this year! Submit an article about The Spoils booth, events, or tournaments by 8/31/09.

What good would any contest about The Spoils be without some fabulous prizes? Michael has opened the prize chest for this winner-takes-all contest.

  • 5 Metal Micromajig Tokens
  • 1 Uncut sheet
  • Choice of 25 random foil cards, or 15 random foils & one booster box display, or two booster box displays.

Winner chooses the set for the booster prize if booster option is chosen.

Photos can be included with your article and, while helpful, will not impact the winner we choose. The article can be of any length within reason. The chosen winner will be announced in the forums prior to posting to the home page. We will contact the winnner for choice of prize option 3. Articles are to be received no later than Midnight Eastern Time on 8/31/09 at earley207 at roadrunner dot com.

Best of luck to everyone!

The Spoils staff

August 21, 2009: Thank you to all volunteers at Gen Con!

Thank you to all the hard-working people that helped make The Spoils look really, really good at Gen Con. We couldn't have done this without you! Being all the way over in Europe, I didn't get the pleasure of meeting any of you – but Kim (who ran the booth) tells me she was really, really happy with the help she got.

The return of The Spoils was very well received at Gen Con. Many retailers came by the booth and were really happy to see the game back on its feet. Plus many new players tried the game, bought product to take home, and some even tried the game out in the 64 player sealed event. Although there is still a long way to go before the rescue mission is a full-fledged success, we have with your help taken a crucial step forward.

Kim is still on her way home to California – but we will be back with a more in-depth report as soon as we can.

Take care all - and thank you again!


August 12, 2009: Open R&D - help create the next set!

Work has begun on a new expansion. And Josh Lytle has talked us into making an Open R&D forum where he will be bouncing ideas for cards, concepts and abilities off of the forum community.

Making a new set is of course a long process with R&D, playtesting, art creation, layouting, production and finally shipping to all locations. By doing this we are treading the first important steps - all the while giving you the chance to participate. We hope that you will all want to participate and perhaps set your own thumbprint on the new cards.

Michael - Arcane Tinmen

July 25, 2009: Gen Con 2009 Announcement

As you can see from the banner to the right The Spoils will be part of Gen Con 2009. There we will be hosting both tournaments and demo games as well a participating in the Weasel Con Games and working with the Gen Con VIG-program.

By doing all of these things at Gen Con we intend to rekindle the flame and spark renewed awareness and interest in our beloved game – and to bring many more players into the game.

The tournament schedule for Gen Con looks like this:

  • The Spoils Sealed Deck: Friday, August 14th from 6pm-12am
  • The Spoils Constructed Format: Saturday, August 15th from 6pm-12am

Prizes for each of the two tournaments:

1st place: Nintendo Wii + 12 booster displays (4*1st ed./4*Part2/4*Seed) + Uncut Sheet + Top-8 foils

2nd place: 9 booster displays (3*1st ed./3*Part2/3*Seed) + Uncut Sheet + Top-8 foils

3rd-4th place: 6 booster displays (2*1st ed./2*Part2/2*Seed) + Top-8 foils

5th-8th place: 3 booster displays (1*1st ed./1*Part2/1*Seed) + Top-8 foils

9th-16th place: 9 boosters (3*1st ed./3*Part2/3*Seed) + Random foils


Drafts can be played at any time outside of the tournament schedule mentioned above. So grab hold of your fellow players and sit down for a good time!


Demos will be done at our booth each day from 10-6 (10-4 on Sunday), so drop by if you are new to the game. Or if you would like to help with the demoing!

Not going to Gen Con?

For those of you not going to Gen Con rest assured that we are also working on making other larger tournaments.

July 13, 2009: Drafting Better 101

By Bernie Makino

Hello class, and welcome to Drafting Better 101. Let's put on our thinking caps on and… stop before I trigger flashbacks to grade school. This guide is designed to take you, the beginning to average Spoils player, and help you in your quest to get better. After all, to the victor go The Spoils!

June 10, 2009: Efficiency and Making the "Right" Play

By Bernie Makino

I would also like to mention that this article operates under the premise that the game is not immediately about to end. Clearly, if you need to find something to survive another turn, that's more important than following any theory. These principles work best when applied over relatively long games (mostly in limited, but also in some constructed games), and are not always going to determine the correct play. However, during early development and the mid-game, these subtle changes can often translate into wins later on.

May 04, 2009: Reality Shift

By Hans Hans Joachim Höh

Once upon a time there was a TCG that was absolutely amazing. It was hilarious and highly strategical, but it wasn´t sold or played in Germany. So I decided to travel all over the United States to play this game. While doing so I met a lot of very cool guys and girls and had a good time. I won my way onto their tour bus and wrote articles for their web site and the world was a happy place. Then suddenly reality shifted. With Tenacious Games, the inventor of The Spoils, out of business there were no more tournaments, no new sets to explore, no way to meet with my Spoils buddies anymore. But Michael, of Arcane Tinmen wouldn´t have it that way and managed to resurrect the game. So this new reality shift brings me back to writing for you and I want to start with a constructed format strategy article for the old player base, before turning to the limited format to give some advice to the new player base.

Today I am going to present probably the most complicated deck I have built so far....

April 20, 2009: The Spoils RELAUNCH Tournament!

The Spoils is still alive and kicking. The release of the new 2-player Starter Kit is living proof of that.

We have asked stores across the USA to celebrate the relaunch of The Spoils with us and host a team-tournament using the new 2-player kit which releases on April 27th.

If your local store hasn't already announced this, please tell them about the event. If you have the time for it, then perhaps suggest to the store that you would help them get the event organized. From our end we would certainly greatly appreciate any help you can give the stores to get The Spoils back on its feet!

Interested? Read the "Full Story" for the details....

March 31, 2009: The Spoils: "A Dastardly Game of Villainy and Greed" 2-player Starter Kit
By Michael of Arcane Tinmen

In April Arcane Tinmen is proud to announce its first release for The Spoils. It is a 2-player Starter Kit featuring two 72 card pre-con decks: Banker/Rogue + Arcanist/Warlord based on 1st edition and Seed cards. The decks are designed to introduce new players to the game. Also included are: one special booster of 13 additional cards, a rules sheet, foil promo cards, a Spoils glossary and a full color map of Luridia.

Everything you need to start playing The Spoils comes packed in one handy, lusciously-illustrated box.

Each starter kit is "n00b tested, 1337 approved" (translation: easy and fun, yet still packed with rich game play)!!

The Starter Kit will retail at $19.95.

February 27, 2009: Hello, Players of The Spoils!
By The Spoils Website Editors

We are Joe and Josh (no, not Josh Lytle), and with the support of Michael from Arcane Tinmen, we will be acting as editors and publishers for new article content on The Spoils website.

We hope to bring excitement and exposure to our great game by offering fresh content on a weekly basis. Anyone is welcome to submit an article, and for now the topics are open. We hope in the future to offer regular card reviews, player profiles, tournament reports, and sneak peeks at what's coming to a gaming store near all of us. So send us your articles, and let's get this game really rolling again!

Articles can be submitted to: earley207 <at> roadrunner <dot> com. We will do our best to keep the website content fresh and, with everyone's help, exciting.

May The Spoils live long and prosper. Rage on!

Click "full story" to read more about the new editors!

The Spoils Rescue Mission is a success!
By Michael of Arcane Tinmen

We have closed our deal with Tenacious Games and we are now the proud owners of all rights to The Spoils! It has been a long, long road to travel but now that we are successful, we are hitting the ground running to bring The Spoils back to life and give it a solid direction.

It is important for us to point out that we have acquired all of the rights pertaining the property of The Spoils – but we did not take with us any of the debts or other obligations that TG may have had. What we did take with us is the heart and soul of the old team. We are very happy to tell you that Josh Lytle will continue to be part of R&D team and that Patrick Meehan will be onboard as a creative consultant. We are currently working on staffing artists, and securing marketing and distribution channels but things are falling into place and we are excited about the progress to date.

We also want to announce now that we are putting the Spoils Cruise back on our calendar! Albeit with one important amendment: Prices will start at $350 for a five-day cruise out of New Orleans in October.

Former qualifiers receive a discount and there are ways to reduce the price even further. And, of course, if you win the on-board tournament, you'll get your cruise fees back! For this event, we have teamed with Gamer Adventures and you can find more details at:

Finally a word on our organization: We will be looking for alternative ways of doing a lot of things. And we may very well be turning to the loyal community that is the backbone of The Spoils – both for assistance and for inspiration.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Arcane Tinmen / The Spoils Rescue MissionTM

The Spoils Rescue Mission is a success!
By Michael of Arcane Tinmen
We have closed our deal with Tenacious Games and we are now the proud owners of all rights to The Spoils!...
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Atlanta 13k Announcement
By Tenacious Games Staff
The $13K tournaments give all players an opportunity to win big cash prizes, shiny foils, booster packs, and coveted STE points...
Crazy Threshold for a Crazy Location
By Bernie Makino
For all of you that love to read those cards players tend to scoff at, either because they’ve got a high threshold or are seemingly difficult to make function, grab a knife and fork and prepare to dig into Heist Training Grounds....
Blazing Shriever
By Scott Rohrer
In First edition, we have many cards that do damage based on various X’s...
Things That Should Not Exist
By Hans Joachim Höh
Today’s article is about things that were not meant to be. First of all, I will present to you the best deck I was able to build with First Edition and First Edition Part 2...
A Road Trip to the Watchtower
By Hans Joachim Höh
The Spoils™ Summer Bus Tour is finally over. I am back in Germany and I’ve found time to write another article for all of you. I get the honor of presenting you another awesome card from Seed...
Grim Weapon
By Jason Tian
I’m back in the world of The Spoils™, and here to deliver a new Banker common that will be a decent muddling force in Limited for the next few months...
The Search for More Resources
By Bernie Makino
Deck searching has always been a powerful effect in Constructed, be it the Luteoderm Prototype engine in Purple Haze, Epiphany Balling up a Strength in Numbers, or just getting a Dethmurderbludgeon with your 700160x 31f....
Adriel, Defender of Marduun
By Scott Rohrer
Just like all of you, I’ve been waiting for this expansion with bated breath. While it’s been hinted at that not all viable First Ed constructed decks have been discovered by players at large, many vociferous members of our forums have felt stagnated with our current card pool for Constructed.....
The Trouble with Factions
By Josh Lytle
I know everyone is excited to catch a glimpse of the new factions. Ever since The Spoils™ was launched nearly a year ago, people have been waiting to see where these central cards will take us....
Invitational Report
By Daniel Hanson
Hello, my name is Daniel Hanson and I worked for Tenacious Games as a member of R&D for a while. Since I left Tenacious Games I qualified for and won the most recent Invitational in Washington State....
The Art of Drafting
By Hans Joachim Höh
Today I want to share my drafting experience with Part2 with you. I have established a weekly spoils draft at my place, so have the pleasure of seeing my friends at least once a week and playing the best TCG...
2007 Invitational Qualifier Seasons 3 Announcement
By Tenacious Games Staff
The next season of Invitational Qualifiers is here! This season will run from July 28 to October 21. During this period, game, comic, and hobby stores around the country will be hosting a series of exciting tournaments...
Emergency Obfuscation Banned in Constructed
By Josh Lytle
Emergency Obfuscation was never intended for use in serious Constructed tournaments. It is not being banned because it is too powerful or because it is part of an unbeatable deck. It is being banned for creating a negative experience for the players...
Emergency Obfuscation: Errata or Ban?
By Josh Lytle
In the past week, there has been quite a buzz in our forums around Emergency Obfuscation. Multiple threads have discussed whether or not the card should be banned or errataed...
Summer Tour 2007
By Tenacious Games Staff
Latest update:
We have compiled a list of the stops for the next couple months...
The Schproingma-Menace
By Ian Spiegel - Blum
One of the most popular decks to come out of 1st Edition Part 2 has undoubtedly been one form or another of Gearsmith Aggro. With the release of the Horsemajigs, Micromajig Shipping Container...
Here we go again...
By Luke Mastalli-Kelly
A new set was released, which means we have a two brand new formats- Limited and Constructed have both been irrevocably changed. In this article I will be focusing on the new Limited format in general terms...
And now for something completely different
By Tenacious Games Staff
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STE Invitationals Announcement
By Tenacious Games Staff
Thanks to all our great game stores and players for making our second Invitational Qualifier season a success! For all you qualified players out there, it’s that time again...
The Spoils™ Spring Constructed Championships 2007
By Tenacious Games Staff
With thoughts of warmer weather, relaxing vacations, and endless gaming taking over, summer is looming large in the minds of players everywhere. But here at Tenacious Games...
Spring Limited Championships Announcement
By Tenacious Games Staff
Tenacious Games proudly presents the Spring Limited Championships 2007. Fans of 45-card decks get their turn to prove themselves in just over three weeks. Here’s everything you need to know...
Interview with Creative & Art Director, Patrick Meehan
By Ian Spiegel
Recently, I’ve had the privilege of talking to Patrick Meehan, one of the driving forces behind the creative story of The Spoils, in order to ask some of the burning questions on all of our minds...
The Spoils $13K
By Tenacious Games Staff
Each week, more players get involved with the next generation TCG sensation - The $1,000,000 Spoils Tournament Experience. With the STE Invitationals and Invitational Qualifiers...
Spring & Summer Event Announcement
By Tenacious Games Staff
The Spoils Tournament Experience is heating up this spring and summer with two more Championship Series events – a new Invitational Qualifier season for the next Invitational, the Summer Tour rocking into...
Invitational Qualifiers: The Next Generation
By Tenacious Games Staff
The next season of Invitational Qualifiers is here! This season will run from March 10 to June 17. During this period, game, comic, and hobby stores around the country will be...
The Spoils NYCC Tournament Report
By Hans Joachim Höh
Once again, I flew over the small pond sometimes refered to as the Atlantic Ocean in hopes of meeting old friends, making new ones, and playing in the amazing tournaments at New York Comic Con...
Lots and Lots of Updates
By Josh Lytle
You may have noticed that there are a lot of updates in the Rules & Downloads section. We’ve made the changes in preparation for our first batch of Invitational and Prerelease tournaments on March 4th. I’m going to tell you what’s changed...
By Luke Mastalli-Kelly
I woke up happy this morning. Maybe it’s because I got a good night sleep. Maybe it’s because I didn’t realize that it was a school day. And maybe, just maybe, it’s because I’m a raving lunatic...
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