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Thread: Hostile takeover

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    Default Hostile takeover

    Hostile takeover

    0 [G][G][G][G]

    COST: X is the number of card in your opponent`s hand. Pay X+X+X.
    EFFECT: Remove all cards from opponent hand from the game. For the rest of the game, you may play cards removed from the game by this card as though they were in your hand and without having the proper resource icons.

    Fellas, it's an incursion!

    Ofc group of maus entering an rogue's den.
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    What does this mean!? lol

    Do you mean you take their cards and add them to your hand?
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    No real rules to handle that kind of thing. If they're in your hand and you Brainbath could you put one of their cards on the bottom of your deck? It opens quite a few issues.

    I'd want to reword the effect and use similar wording as pant swipe. Remove them from game and you can play them as if they're in your hand.

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    I think it goes to the bottom of the opponents deck since ownership never changes... Though I agree with Zwidar removing the cards would be better then adding them to the hand, especially with rulings...

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    I agree with removing them. I also think it's more of a Rogue flavor to take control of things. This card could be good in certain situations, like when the opponent has no resources left, but the opponent can also respond by playing cards (either as they are or as resources) to limit the damage.

    The cost is certainly well-balanced. If the opponent has a lot of cards, it gets VERY expensive. Otherwise it's cheap, but you won't get as many cards. I like this idea, but don't like the control part.

    On the other hand, if you would compare this (with removal instead of control) to... say... Double Monkey Ritual, you pay very dearly for the removal. With removal instead of control, I think this card needs to be cheaper. Compare it to Degenerate Molestation that costs 10 and could discard the entire hand (and opponent cannot respond to it).

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    I agree with some points. I forgot about threshold - it would be useless in most cases.

    This card cannot be cheaper. The idea is that you draw enemy hand - in late game with 12 ress you can draw 4-cards-hand and its a good number. Your enemy also discards their hand which is additional benefit.

    Changed wording in 1st post

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    i would like this card if it were rogue.
    lvl 1 judge

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