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Thread: Warlord/Banker Control

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    Default Warlord/Banker Control

    Mangod Control

    4 Athalamund Mangod, the Iron Fist
    4 Torrential Bleeder
    4 Erotic Assassin
    4 Surplus Soldier
    3 Gideon, the Ultimate Warrior
    3 Adriel, Defender of Marduun
    1 Dragon Archer
    1 Plunging Shriever
    1 Elzibeth, Military Sorceress
    1 Framptle Tromwibbler, Lord of Bling

    4 The Ministry of Other Smaller Ministries
    4 Department of Rejections

    4 Shriever Attack
    4 Noble Sacrifice
    4 Dark Awakening
    4 Limited Liability
    4 A Blazing Zero
    3 Tactician Vacation

    4 Crest of Rage
    4 Violence
    8 Rage
    2 Greed (starting)
    F The Tournament Faction


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    I like it! it def slows down the mono rages and has the beef to still pull out a win.. to bad it needs warlord to beat warlord...
    insert image here
    Come and Chat about our favorite game, heck, you might even find some one to play with!!!

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