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Thread: Mono-Arcanist Discard

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  1. Default Mono-Arcanist Discard

    Obsession 18x

    Living God of Thabbash 3x
    Rummaging Millipede 3x
    Witty Worm 2x
    Lugubrian Octopod 4x
    Swarm of Gnats 4x
    Obscene Astrologer 4x
    Defiler of Innocence 2x
    High-Priest of Thabbash 1x
    Imperial Thaumaturge 2x

    Ashes of Zenobia 2x

    Ritual of the Ominous Urn 3x
    Rouse 3x
    Encumber 2x
    Obsessive Compulsion 4x
    Forget 4x
    Stupidify 4x
    Degenerate Molestation 4x
    Ritual of the Double Monkey 4x

    Cryptic Athenaeum 2x

    This deck thrives on the idea that you can't play what you don't have. Best case scenario, I can remove 7-8 cards from my opponents hand by turn 3, leaving them with five resources and forced to draw cards every turn.

    Sure, an early tac-vac would set me back in my race for discard, but if I build my board up with Defiler of Innocence, Imperial Thaumaturge, and Rummaging Millipede in the mean time, I'm constantly discarding characters, cards, and bringing back any tactics I've used.

    The large number of resources allow me quick access to Double Monkey's highest threshold, as well as allow me to use most of my tactics to discard rather than as face-down resources. This deck's weaknesses are that it's light on characters to block with, so Warlord removal + beat-down will be a problem.

    In the near future I plan on adding another High-Priest or two, and possibly adding in some Wrinkly Rabbits to benefit from the high Obsession threshold.

    Any helpful hints?
    maybe just a little peench?

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  2. Default

    you definately need 2 more cryptics with 18 Obsession in there, Im not a big fan of degenerate and zenobia, they are just to high cost and soo late game, Also

    I'd think about adding in Stolen Inspiration. It's another great turn one if you dont have any monkeys

    A great combo is to use stolen inspiration to play a defiler of innocence for free then deplete and make them discard another.

    EDIT: Also, you should maybe see about "decluttering" your deck, its got alot of 2s and 3s of certain things, this is just taking away consistency and hurting your deck, I'd try to round it out and make as many playsets of 4 of your most needed cards. If its because you dont have the cards yet then just make a few proxies and trade for what you need whenever you can, This is the casual section ^_^
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