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Thread: The next article has been released...

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    You can have resource acceleration with face down resources, it just won't work with contriving engineer. You can still do your combo with Senior or Regular Research Assistant (the former allows you to not play the second 1337), and there is no way you have tried every single 2 resource deck in existence, how can you know that they ALL don't work? You are telling us all to not comment on your deck, since we haven't played it as much as you have, but if you haven't played all of the 2 resource decks, how can you know they're all bad? The decks work as long as the player builds their cards face down often enough. Also, there is more than one way of building a deck, not necessarily a right or wrong way, your decklist might work for you, but there are other viable mono elitism decklists. One of the best things about Spoils is that there is no best decklist, there are plenty of different decks that work, even in the sub-section of mono elitism.
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    Heck, my favorite deck (favorite being relative, since I rarely played it) before Part 2 came out was a 2-resource-rage deck that stomped the local meta for a while.
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    Two Rage is a very solid deck, gnomish, at least in my experience.

    Big will, I think what you're missing with the 'dead' cards is the fact that they are 'situational' cards I would normally put in a sideboard in other games. As I don't have access to a sideboard, putting them main board in place of unneeded resources, especially in gearsmith where searching is cheap and plentiful, gives me access to tools to swing games I would otherwise not have answers to.

    I also agree whole heartedly that gearsmith is best improved with a second trade. I believe I even mentioned in my article that gearsmith has some weaknesses it just can't make up for. When I designed the deck, I wanted to give new players access to as much of gearsmith as possible while still being an approachable and fun deck.

    Sandwich was a good suggestion though, I slipped up there.
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