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Thread: Spastic Contrivance

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    Default Spastic Contrivance

    The plan for this deck is to spend the early game building up resources faster than your opponent, while stripping their hand. For ramping resources there's Contriving Engineers, Senior and Junior Research Assistants, and Wanton Wizards. Then once you've got a lead in resources, play a Spastic Tentacles and start bouncing it and replaying it as many times as possible. Eventually your opponent will run out of resources in play. A Ritual of the Shattering Teeth should take out any resources in their hand, and after that you should win the game with ease. Most of the deck is devoted to getting the Tentacles recursion going, with loads of bounce effects and Postmortem Debenture in case the Tentacles get killed. The Makeshift Contrivances are there to ensure that you stay ahead once things start getting Spastic. I wasn't sure about the Moist Cave of the Darkpump, but there is often one resource left over in this deck (Assistant and Wanton Wizard leave you with 1 open), so it helps out a lot.


    4 Spastic Tentacles
    4 Contriving Engineer
    4 Senior Research Assistant
    3 Research Assistant
    3 Wanton Wizard
    4 Quotidian Ejector
    4 Lingamite Torture Monk
    2 Violating Anomaly

    2 Makeshift Contrivance
    4 Quotidian Assassination
    4 Forget
    3 Remember
    4 Ritual of the Shattering Teeth
    4 Stolen Inspiration
    4 12 Man Brunch of Doom
    2 Voidal Interference
    4 Postmortem Debenture

    1 Greed (Starting)
    3 Obsession (1 starting)
    4 Neurosis
    3 Arrogance
    5 Elitism
    F Moist Cave of the Darkpump

    Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

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  2. Default

    Perhaps Stupidify would be good here? Sounds like a cool deck. Would be fun to play, incredibly aggravating to play against.
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  3. Default O_o

    There is only one word for this deck:



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    I just looked up all of those cards.

    Man... you're brutal. $$$$ $$$$
    You're a credit card that I will defile - Every time I max you out I get a thousand miles.

  5. Default bring it

    It looks like fun and has potential to shut down you opponent
    might want a win con instead of just relying on weenie beats
    how do you torture a masochist?

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    Maybe Living God of Thabbash? That thing is perfect for Spastic Tentacles...

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    Default Version 2

    Done some tinkering to the list. I'm kicking myself for not including 1337! from the start, because it really helps accelerate ahead of the opponent, with first turn 1337 into Senior into Junior Research Assistant. On that note, I'm now starting 1 Greed 1 Elitism, instead of 1 Greed 1 Obsession, in order to reliably hit first turn Senior, which meant I had to cut the Moist Cave. With that change, and having removed the Makeshift Contrivances, there's no point running Arrogance anymore, so I've turned them into more Elitism, which helps out the Contriving Engineers. It's hard to work out how many Elitism I need in the deck to feed the Engineers, since I often bounce and replay the same one several times.

    Also added Limited Liability to help with the deck's main problem; dying. It's now working a lot better than before. LL is often my preferred card to recur with Remember. I've cut the number of Wanton Wizards because they don't help accelerate early. They would be better if I could fit in some turn-0 plays or 0-drop first-turn tactics. I found that I was mainly using them like Rummaging Millipedes, returning LL from my discard pile to my resource pile, then using Spastic Tentacles to return it to my hand.

    4 Spastic Tentacles
    4 Contriving Engineer
    4 Senior Research Assistant
    4 Research Assistant
    4 Quotidian Ejector
    4 Violating Anomaly
    3 Lingamite Torture Monk
    2 Wanton Wizard

    4 Quotidian Assassination
    4 Forget
    4 1337!
    4 Limited Liability
    3 Remember
    3 Stolen Inspiration
    3 Ritual of the Shattering Teeth
    3 Postmortem Debenture

    1 Greed (starting)
    1 Elitism (starting)
    6 Elitism
    6 Obsession
    4 Neurosis

    F The Tournament Faction

    It's probably still just a casual deck though. It only seems to do well against opponents that don't like playing resources. I don't think it needs a beefy kill-condition, since if the deck works there's virtually nothing the opponent can do to stop you trampling over with weenies, and if the deck doesn't work there's nothing you can do, period.

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    I think you should add a win condition. Once you have control need a bigger character to attack with to speed it up. Maybe a Wrinkly Rabbit
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  9. Default

    think you should add a win condition.
    see above re:Living God of Thabbash
    how do you torture a masochist?

  10. Default

    Looks like a really fun casual deck. But what do you do with all those resources? you should play a really silly expensive win condiition.
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