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Thread: The Spoils at Dragon Con!

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    Default The Spoils at Dragon Con!

    This year, Dragon*Con will be held Labor Day weekend (August 31 - September 3, 2012) in Atlanta, GA.

    This will be mostly to demo to new players and get the word out, but there will be pickup drafts and other such fun!
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    5pm draft - $16
    Product prizes.

    9pm booze draft - $18 – 8 people minimum for booze prize.
    Prize: Bottle Top Shelf Booze

    1pm – Dragoncon Championship Sealed - $20
    Product prizes.

    4pm – Second Chance Draft - $20
    Cash prize based on number of participants.

    9pm booze draft - $18 – 8 peeps min.
    Prize: Bottle of Top Shelf Booze

    1pm – Championship Constructed - $10
    Product prizes and possibility of cash depending on number of players.

    4pm – Second Chance Constructed - $10
    Cash prize based on number of participants.

    Pick-up drafts - $16
    Product prizes.
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    I will there for the Spoils events @ Dragon*Con!! I am so hyped for this chance to play different opponents!!!
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