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Thread: New article by Terence Dorman: Get Weird!

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    Default New article by Terence Dorman: Get Weird!

    In his new article Terence invites all of us to go a little nuts when creating new decks!!

    Weirdness is where the big ideas lie dormant until somebody discovers them. They are the ideas that usually start with someone saying to himself, “Hey, if I do this followed by this, THIS could happen.” There is no guarantee that whatever THIS is will be a good or powerful thing, but it is usually something new that hasn't been done before.

    If it hasn't been done before, it is pretty likely that it is weird. And if it's weird, it has a good chance of taking The Spoils by surprise and creating a new deck idea you and other players could fool around with

    Full story here:
    How can you support The Spoils? Just keep playing and buying this great game!

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    It somehow feels kinda good to know that there are people out there thinking the same way as I do. Great article by Terence, as usual!

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