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Thread: Noob Question on "Opportune Slotpuller"

  1. Default Noob Question on "Opportune Slotpuller"

    This character is 1,2,4 to start. Gamble abiliity Costs 1 and u guess the card on ur deck and if correct it gains 2 Str and -1 Life. At first glance it looks like you can only do use this ability once. But if you gambled twice and guessed correctly both times would it temporarely be a 5, 0, 4 until dmg is resolved? or is that damage resolved right now? In other words does it live long enough to attack.

    Now I want to ask the same question after you've attacked and another blocker has been declared with speed of less than 4, would this pseudo 5, 0, 4 character attack first with 5 dmg before its own counters on itself are resovled if these abilities were cast in response to ur opponent declaring his blocker?

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    when its life goes to '0' it goes to the discard and will not do any damage blocked or not blocked. if you find a way to increase its life then you can do it more than once giving it more of a boost to its strength.
    lvl 1 judge

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