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Thread: Clarification on 2nd Edition

  1. Default Clarification on 2nd Edition

    -I posted this under the core sets section but after thinking about it, I figured I would post here as well since no one has posted there since last year.

    Hey all, I was trying to find information on this 2nd Edition but I'm having a hard time locating the info. I can tell by the other threads this set seems to be re-prints of 1st Edition & 1st Edition Part 2, with some being left out, or rarities changes on some cards. But with that said, what does this mean if you have the original sets? Are these cards still legal?

    I bought a booster box and competion pack from a gamestore selling the old 1st edition and 1st edition part 2 just last week and wanted to make sure I can use these in my decks.

    Appreciate any info!
    Proud new player of The Spoils - 3/15/12

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    If you have cards that are from First Edition or First Edition: Part Two they are legal. You do not need to get the 2nd Edition versions to play the cards.
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    To clarify the above post, even cards which were not reprinted in 2nd Edition are still legal.

    The official announcement is here.

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    Thank you very much to the both of you, this definitely clears it up for me
    Proud new player of The Spoils - 3/15/12

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