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Thread: MegaCon 2012 - Constructed Tournament

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    Default MegaCon 2012 - Constructed Tournament

    This isn't an official tournament report. More just a list of winners in the constructed tournament, for those curious. There were 10 people playing.

    1st - Rogue/Gearsmith - running unpickable characters and gears
    2nd - Warlord/Banker - Monty variant
    3rd - Rogue (think it was mono) - Ass/Steal deck
    4th - Warlord/Banker/Gearsmith - RI/Siege Engine

    The other decks there, don't know exact placings. Another Ass/steal deck, Warlord/Banker torturing apparatus and stall, monty deck running 3 or 4 trades, dragon, gearsmith, rogue.
    If those playing the decks mentioned want to post decklists or talk about their decks in more detail please feel free.
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    there were 10 playing and 2 of the decks went undefeated. you will never guess which ones.

    one of the other decks was a dragon deck. i dont remember the others. i will post a decklist later but it was one threshold warlord with rogue creatureless steal and kill. not just ass and hollow moose for mirror matches. (and mirror match is the suck).
    another deck was a rogue deck (just take stuff and mill and i got dudes that my daughter built and was run by a new guy)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zwidar View Post
    Warlord/Banker torturing apparatus and stall
    This intrigues me. If you were player running this deck I'd be curious to see your list, whether it be in open discussion or PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terence Dorman View Post
    This intrigues me. If you were player running this deck I'd be curious to see your list, whether it be in open discussion or PM.
    I was the one playing that deck. I can't take credit for creating it though. A friend in my play group is an amazing deck builder and came up with it. It's kinda stally and tries to do some direct damage to finish you off. I'll ask him about getting a deck list. I went in not expecting to win the tournament with the deck, but it's fun to play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zwidar View Post
    I went in not expecting to win the tournament with the deck, but it's fun to play.
    I felt the same way when I designed the original version of the deck (and by that I mean back in 2007 with only Part 1 and Part 2) and went to the Gen-Con 2007 13k with it. Fortunately for me I went 5-2 with it, missing the Top 8 by a few spots. It was a blast to play and I still have the deck today, although obviously updated with Seed and Seed 2.

    EDIT: This isn't to say I'm the founder of the deck, I just can't recall anyone having that type of deck (at least not well known) before the Gen-Con 13k. Bin Chen had a version of it at the tournament as well, but his was more of a Writ/Bile variant that contained Torture Appratus. He did manage to Top 8 with it though (I think he actually came in second) so I guess his version was better than mine haha.
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    ok in 3rd place



    Tournament Faction
    1 Rage
    1 Deception

    the deck

    9 Deception
    4 Treachery

    4 Dark Awakening
    4 Peculate
    4 Drygulch
    4 Pant Swipe
    4 I Drink Your Milkshake!
    4 Jackmove
    3 Strangulate
    2 Essence of Deception
    2 Scrag
    1 Hustler's Comeuppance

    4 Muddle Bugs
    4 Tremor Engine
    4 Ass
    4 Misappropriation Machine
    4 Hollow Moose
    3 Incriminating Photograph
    3 Roundalicious Bresticles
    2 Lucky Charm
    2 Crest of Deception

    This deck went 2-0-2.

    First round was the mirror match. On the drive up we talked about what we would do if we met and decided to draw. The reason we decided to draw was that the match would take 45 min and there would be no winner. The only way to deal damage to each other is hollow moose. So I looked around while some players called foul and put pressure on the other player to play, and 5 min. later we were sitting down to play and 45 min. and 3 turns later it was officially a draw.

    Second round was against a Montie deck. I had seen him playing before the tournament started. I top-deck a Photograph and name Montie. My opponent looks at me and says 'I can't win now'. He plays it out and we have a good game but in the end he is right.

    Third round was against a mono-warlord dragon deck. I get essence and see only Blowup and Plunging for item destruction. I then drop a Photograph naming Blowup. I drop other items that get killed by a face down Plunging that flies away every time I try to kill it, but in so doing (with a little help from moose) my opponent is at 5 influence. He finally lets the Plunging die and I put out an Ass which takes his Dragon Archer. At that point it is game over and the game ends fairly quickly.

    Fourth round has me playing the only other unbeaten deck, Rogue/Gearsmith animate/unpickable/pogobears. (say that 10 times fast). We start with some back and forth. My Tremor Engine is a champ in this game. I mill through much of the deck but unfortunately time is called I say done just before the official time is called and my opponent is turn 0. I am at 17 she is at 14. She takes her turn 0 and sets her defenses. My turn and 2 Asses come to my side. She has 3 Contrabulous Fabtraption in her discard which I grab with Peculate and Misappropriation Machine. I have also gotten an active Martial Artist on my side. By animating the Asses I am able to swing in and bring her down to 3. Her turn. Defenses set again including a trainee. I get one Ass back to my side and I am able to get the Con Fabs back to my side. I swing with the Martial Artist. She blocks. I animate the Ass she Scrags it. I have nothing else. I lose because I draw.

    By drawing this puts me into 3rd place and it was decided before hand that there would be no finals only swiss. I am happy with the deck and think that I could have won it all had there been a finals. I can't wait until Origins and GenCon.
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    Hello readers, I was the first place winner for the MegaCon tournament. I was playing with a deck I call the Unpickable Deck, which focuses on putting Doodmakers and Hot Peppers on Martial Artists and Martial Arts Trainees, and whooping ass, QED.

    Now, some claim that they struggled against my deck because they had never seen anything like it. I would encourage all of you to build it yourself and start playing it and see how much ass you kick with it, even against players who know exactly what's coming. I am confident in my deck because I have played it repeatedly against many different kinds of decks, and the thing about it is that it is extremely versatile, and the unpickable aspect makes it particularly difficult to face.

    Unpickables Deck:
    Starting: 2 Deception, Tourney Faction
    7 Elitism
    4 Arrogance
    4 Essence of Deception
    4 Drygulch
    4 Scrag
    4 Roundalicious Breasticles
    4 Martial Arts Trainee
    4 Martial Artist
    4 Crest of Elitism
    4 One-Legged Hopping Pogo-Bear
    4 Thorough Sanitization
    4 Luteoderm Prototype
    4 Contrabulous Fabtraption
    4 Giant Spork Defense
    2 Cock Block
    4 Epic Doodmaker
    4 Scavengemajig
    4 Hot Pepper
    1 Repurpose

    Undefeated, with 1 draw in the finals. My logic: If you can't beat it in the time allotted, don't complain.
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    Cool deck. I made my own version and used in our latest tournament, not having seen this deck list. It wasn't this heavy on removal, but I used mainly Repurpose instead of Sanitization (much better than Sanitization if you meet Arcanist/Wand, which I did). I also play Toolbox Elves and some more resource acceleration.

    Multi-Attachment Man is a great card when you want to search out Breasticles and Pogo-Bears and even Spork Defences or Prototypes. Normally, the opponent doesn't want to kill him off, so he's great as an early blocker too. ^_^

    You only play Deception Crest to get more targets in range with Drygulch? That seems a bit excessive in my opinion, but I really like that this deck seems different than mine. I'll go back to mine and think some things over. I didn't even play Spork defence... ^_^

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    That's a crest of elitism not deception.

    Multi-Attachment, while a good card, was cut for better cards. There is no single itemthat this deck is built around so deck searching really isn't a key focus or issue.

    Why is repurpose better than sanitization against wand? I know there are arcanist cards that bounce their own resources back but if that is the only reason that I don't think it's a good enough reason considering all the other item removal available. Not to mention the higher costs of repurpose and the lack of true arcanist decks in the meta.

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    I wrote a pretty detailed article on why I use each card and how I typically play the deck, as well as specific examples and scenarios. I'm going to try to get it published for some purple sleeves.

    Bizze, I think you may have mis-read the deck list. I use crest of elitism for more thresh for doodmakers, I don't use crest of deception. (just realized that Temlav posted this too)

    Multi-Attachment Man is a card that I had in the deck before I decided to go a little leaner on non-essential characters in favor of better item control.

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