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Thread: What is Open R&D?

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    Lightbulb What is Open R&D?

    Welcome to a bold experiment in game design. Alright, maybe it's not bold but at least it's a little unusual. Open R&D is Arcane Tinmen’s and The Spoils’ way of letting you the players participate in the creation process. This is where you can post any idea you have for cool card ideas as well as ideas for new mechanics.

    This is a no-boundaries-forum. You don’t have to have your ideas all thought through. Feel equally free to post a completely finished card as well as the faintest of ideas that could be fun, interesting, innovative or absurd. It is better to write ten silly ideas too many, than to miss out on one piece of sheer gold!

    Of course it is important to say that this isn't going to be a democracy. We aren't going to vote on things. But we certainly encourage discussion and rigorous debate. But at the end of the day it will be Arcane Tinmen and our in-house R&D crew that has total and final say on what will or will not make it into upcoming sets. And in this process we may well twist, change, chop-up, dissect or completely alter cards or ideas to match our needs and ensure that the final sets will be as enjoyable as 3lfly possible!

    Looking forward to enjoying the continuous stream of good ideas from you our good and loyal players!

    And now please stay tuned for an important message from our attorney!!:
    Please be aware that by posting in this forum you wave all rights to any idea, concept, suggestion etc. that you present in this forum - and you also allow Arcane Tinmen to use free of charge anything presented in these forums (whether in part or whole) as Arcane Tinmen sees fit.
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