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Thread: New Player

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    Hi! I've been checking out the game tutorial this site links to, and have gotten a few spoils cards in Dragon Shield packs, and am actually interested in this game. I was wondering if anyone knows the general price of a starter deck, as my Local Game Store has said they would start carrying this game if I can get ten people to actually put money down for a starter deck or similar product. I myself am not a store owner or anything, but I really want to try to get this game here, and want to know what I need to do/know for it.

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    Hello Zephynoir and welcome to The Spoils! I'm glad to hear that you want to get the game started in your area. BTW, where are you located?

    As far as the price of starters, The Spoils offers preconstructed 52 card decks for each of the 5 trades. Full retail for a pre-con deck is $8. A display of pre-cons happens to come with 10 decks, 2 for each trade. The pre-cons are probably the best way to go as an intro into the game. Boxes of booster packs (12) retail for $48. My particular store sells them for $35 for a single box and if I order bulk (4 or more) I can get them cheaper than that.

    There are online retailers where you might be able to get some better prices, but that will not help you get your store to carry The Spoils. If you have any other questions, please ask and the community here will gladly help you.

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    Awesome! So, I'll need $8 plus tax per person...Okay, I'll cover their tax, so I need 9 people to give me 8 dollars towards a game? Not bad at all! Cheaper than Magic, and people here pay for that all the time ,so this should be nothin'.

    I'm in Fresno, California. totally okay with sharing that. We have a game store here that I really love, and I know the owners well, so they're kinda doing me a favor with this. I'll be the one demoing the game, so I'm watching this tutorial over and over to make sure I get it right. I've been playing TCGs for years, so I should be fine, but I don't wanna mess anything up.

    I'll tel my store the prices on those precons and the booster box. Would you suggest we each just pitch in for a display, then, since there will be ten of us? I'm also more than happy to do any kind of demoing this game supports, if any.

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    What a wonderful Spoils supporter!

    Welcome Zephynoir!

    If you have questions that require more immediate answers or if you want to discuss something actively, check out the chat here:

    There is also a free online version of the game that you can use to hook up with people all around the world and try out decks and learn the game by playing veterans or other beginners. Check out this guide and join the chat in the link above to find opponents:
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    I jumped in the chat, will ask things when I need to. Thanks!

    I can't currently install any new programs on this computer, but I will ge ta fried to get it on a flashdrive for me. I have three cards already from Dragon Shield packs, so maybe I'll see how those do too. Arcanists look interesting, and anything that uses a hidden sandwich is my friend xD

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    Hey Zep!! Welcome to the Spoils. Its in amazing game. You say you know the owners well. I am a retailer on the East Coast. NY BABY!! (Sorry, had to do it)

    Anyways, If you want you can give the owner of the game store my email addy (Strmtrpr81(at)(aol)(dot)(com) and I can answer any questions they might have from a retailer POV. I am also a player as well and full supporter of the game. You can also email me directly and I can suggest some ways to get the game going in your store as well.

    So i can be very helpful if they need some friendly retailer help with this.

    Best of luck and I will be eager to help anyway I can.

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    Thank you! I'll give them your email address, and I'll probably shoot you one as well. Heh, we're the two American extremes - New York and California xD

    I'm really liking what I see of the Rogues, the Bankers are awesome, and Arcanists look cool~

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    hey saw you on the chat. i am the traveler. i will let you know if i am gonna be in that area.
    lvl 1 judge

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    Alright ,awesome!

    So, what does it take to become a judge? If I wish to hold anything here, I'll need to learn to be a judge

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    There is a judge test that you can take, but I'd recommend to play for a while first to get the feel of the game and experience the more advanced mechanics.

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