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Thread: Flip up

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    I am trying to build a flip up deck and I am having to use tactic speed guys to fill in the blanks along with just normal kill. I would like to see more flip up that will do all the things rogue does. Kill, steal, mill, discard pile manipulation. It would be nice to not have to use other kind of cards to fill in the blanks. Make Red Raven better. Also add a few more (one or two besides Iohane) rares. Thank You.
    lvl 1 judge

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    I'm new and started playing rogue and I'm turned off by flip up cards because it seems to waste a precious staple resource spot. The two flip up cards in the rogue starter deck save you 1 and 2 resources by 'flipping them up' instead of playing them normally. I would only play a flip up as a face down resource if it saved me 4 resources by doing so. This way I don't fall behind on resource count. Is there something that I'm overlooking?

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    well one thing is that you can put something down and use it for a 'surprise' later in the game. you can also use a card to 'pay' for itself. a card can be attached and still flipped up. guttersnipe face down can be used to pay for something else and then flip for '0'. play with flip up some and see if you like it.

    also when i said flip up i was wrong about what i was saying. i was thinking coin flip not flip i want more COIN FLIP cards.
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    Teguroe the other handy thing about flipups is for cards that you may not currently need.
    You draw an early repurpose. Your opponent has no items, you can put it face down as a resource and get some use out of it still. Later if your opponent plays an item you have a way to deal with it, without having a dead card in your hand the whole game otherwise.

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    A flip up item destroyer is a good example. I'd never flip up GutterSnipe tho, in the early, mid and late game he's worth more to me as a resource unless there was some weird ability in which I wanted more characters out. Are flip ups more common when you play under a strict time limit? This way the players can 'burn out' so to speak.

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    putting niche cards or otherwise potentially important cards with flip-up face down as a resource allows you to protect yourself from forced discards.

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