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Thread: Are 5 boosters enough to build a good sealed deck with only 2 factions?

  1. Default Are 5 boosters enough to build a good sealed deck with only 2 factions?

    In my opinion 5 boosters (or 1 competition pack and 2 boosters) with 13 cards each, aren't enough to build a good/interesting sealed 45-card-deck with only 2 factions. I dont' like splashing, even may be not too difficult in spoils. Sometimes there aren't just enough commons cards for a faction to be playable, but maybe many uncommons or rares belong to it. And the faction with many cards are lacking those slots for probably stronger cards. Also, when 2 factions have enough cards to form a deck, you often have to add every card you got, even they're bad, to reach the 45 card limit without adding too much ressources. If you don#t want top play too many bad cards you have to splash a 3rd faction.

    I think the sealed format would be more interesting when played with 6 boosters instead of 5. Good consistent Decks with just two factions (without splashing a third one) are far more possible and could be stronger. Deckbuilding would be more itneresting. Cards with a higher threshold are more playable in 2 faction-decks. More cards in the pool would also balance the randomness of the cards each player gets and reduce the influence of luck a little bit.
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    I know this is and old post, but I write in general. The min. of 45 cards for a sealed play could be 30, instead.

    Suppose you'll do a 2 factions deck: you need to run 5-6 resources for type = 10-12 cards.

    With 5 boosters you have a total of 65 cards: it isn't hard to find other 18-20 cards to make a good sealed deck.

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    with extensive experience in the limited format in spoils and many other tcgs, it is optimal to keep the amount of product to be able to build a decent deck to the absolute minimum. the equivalent of 5 boosters here is perfect as it gives you, with an ok pool, the ability to be 2 colours. yes splashing is the norm, but that is because of the games structure allowing an entire colour or two to be inserted on the back of your 2 starting resources. having only 2 seed2 packs also doesnt mean you'll be getting 2-3 copies of the nuts commons but only 1 of seed1 playables. it takes away reliance on a handful of certain cards to get you across the line. if we were to increase the pool to 3 seed2 packs to gain more cards, then the seed1 portion would need to made up of 3 packs instead of a tournament pack. the other choice is to add a seed1 booster to allow for multiples of seed commons and uncommons. either way, most players should be able to get close to a 2 colour deck with 5 packs worth of product. in my opinion, dont change.

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    Always be mindful of snazzy resource tricks.

    You can have one of your starting resources produce a tertiary icon so that you never have to sweat drawing the right resource. Also, you can start with one of your grade's thresholds maxed out at 2, and play two other resources in your deck.

    The Spoil's starting resource mechanic opens up a lot of clever deck building strategies that enable more than two trades pretty seamlessly.
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