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Thread: Ruling on Toolbox elf and watchtower

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    Default Ruling on Toolbox elf and watchtower

    Hi all,

    I'm after a ruling please.

    So if my opponent has a watchtower in play, if I was to play a 700160x 31f am I able to use the ability before the watchtower deals the 1 damage to it? That way I can search for anything that would add +1 life and nulify the watchtower damage?

    700160x 31f

    When this card enters play, you may search your deck for a "gear" card with numeric cost 5 or less. If you do, put that card into play attached to this card.


    If a character enters play under your opponent's control, inflict 1 damage to it.


    What triggers first, or as the player in control can i order the way they are resolved?

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    As turn player, you control the order of triggers, so first you fetch something with Toolbox. ^_^

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    Thats the answer I was looking for!

    I played against 2 decks that both had watchtower and shut me out as alot of my characters had 1 life, 700160x 31f, Martial Arts Trainee, Multi Attachement Man, Micromajig tokens etc.


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    Yeah, that could really be annoying. Watchtower is very powerful against some decks. Whenever I rely heavily on Micromajigs I try to include Banker to play with Clandestine Resort as well as Limited Liability. They aren't bulletproof countermeasures, but still something.

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