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Thread: Gen Con 2011 - Team Covenant videos from the play-off matches

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    Default Gen Con 2011 - Team Covenant videos from the play-off matches

    Team Covenant has put together a few videos from the US Nationals at Gen Con 2011.

    We know that these videos are not exactly the freshest of news, but thought we would share them with you all the same :-)

    Thanks to Covenant for all their good support for The Spoils!

    Nationals 2011: Limited top-4: Bernie Makino vs Daniel Sotelo
    Nationals 2011: Limited - interview with Bernie Makino
    Nationals 2011: Constructed Finals: Matt “Moxless” Kucklinca vs Vince Chuan
    How can you support The Spoils? Just keep playing and buying this great game!

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    This is great video coverage! The limited match is especially interesting. With two of the best players competing nearly everybody should be able to learn something from that game. Make sure to also check out Bernies written review of that match here:

    If you can actually find an alternate way to play Dan´s hand that makes it likely for him to win or at least results in a close game instead of getting crushed, you probably are one of the best spoils players yourself!
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