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07-25-2007, 12:23 PM
Now I havent made it quite yet these are card i hope to get my hands on soon... Now I know it needs works especially since it has like 88 cards im still thinking about a few...Now i just want feedback and ideas no hate notes on how bad this sucks cause well im srry... Anyways here it is....

Gearsmith (obviously)

12 elitism


4x MM Master
4x MM Maker
4x MM Shipping container
4x Towering Research Majig
4x Resaerch Assistant
4x Senior Research Assistant
4x Contriving Enigineer


4x Runic Ciruitry
4x Makeshift Contrivant
4x Slinger Rang
4x Jaque's Trap


4x Precise Sabatoge
4x 1337
4x All nighter
4x Meagar Research
4x Devastating Mockery


4x MM factory
4x Hypnotic Pladford

(im not sure what this is charatcer or other wise so its an extra)
4x Exploding sockpuppet

Now I know this is a large deck to be playing but I'm still trying to work it out....

Now a few cards i care to take notice is like Towering Research Majig. Now the point to having him is first to give me minuses on paying and to give me extra fire power of need be... Now my Shipping Container is my main fighter with the option to die to unleash the 5 Micro Majigs within. Now my Runic Circuty is around too to help decrease cost but mostly for two things...
1 to drop the price of allnighter to a cost of 1 which could easly be knocked out by an assistant
2 to help bring down the price of the factory wind up cost to one which again can be knocked out by an assistant or Towering Research.....


now its what you people think if its a terrible deck just give me suggestions...if it is a deck wothr having dont steal it or atleast give credit to me......but mostly likly a bad deck so lets hear it........

07-25-2007, 12:58 PM
A few things I see briefly to help.

Don't worry about Covert too much.

Just use Senior Research Assistant.

A Greed splash may help using the following cards: Clandestine Resort to strengthen your majigs, Limited Liability, to handle covert and other major damage. Postmordem Deb. to bring back your Shipping Containers for even more micromajigs. Keen Stratagem to find your resources. Escrow ... to further help reduce costs.

Also, Subversion Matrix will really foul up your opponent. Elite Team Registation will help you find your characters.

Take out the following:
Research Assistant
Hypnotic Plafond
Meager Research
Dev. Mockery
Precise Sabatoge

Exploding Sock Puppet is a tactic by the way.

That just my thoughts. I've always wanted to build a micromajig deck as well, so lets see how this goes.

07-25-2007, 01:02 PM
Exploding Sockpuppet is a tactic. It says so on the card.

Drop all copies of both your locations.

Drop Devastating Mockery.

Drop 1 Makeshift Contrivance.

That takes us down to 75 I believe.

Cards which should be added (after dropping more to make room): Schproingmajig (it's custom made for this deck), some of the T Force 5 Majigs.

Edit: The advice Steve gave above is also solid.

07-26-2007, 11:15 AM
well the two cards devasting mockery and meagar resource i like cause they do help more often then not.and the mockery gets me to draw a card thats mostly why i use it............i was trying to keep this all gearsmith i no greed help but still.idk im still considering much of it.... i think that the factory becomes more sueful wen used with runic circurty.btu yeah good suggestions im still considering some.......

09-10-2007, 12:15 PM
My micromajig deck has rouge in it so that I can combo with spiky atls and carnval king so that my opponet is wide open.

I'll try and get the deck list up, don't have it with me.